About us

Modekalle is a family business that was started in 2009. Modekalle delivers women clothes to stores in the Nordic region. Our collection is available only in our handpicked stores that are specialized in women clothing and fashion. Our retailers are always happy and friendly and focus on giving you the best possible service. They are experienced in fashion and are always there for you to help you find the perfect outfit and share tips and tricks when it comes to styling.

We have never focused on big quantities, we focus on quality. We want our clients who consume our clothes to be satisfied with what they have chosen. And to make this a reality, we use high quality garments, professional seamstress and well designed designs to get perfect fitting. With over 35 years of experience with garments and textiles of all sort, we’ve been encountered with lots of challenges that have provided us the ability to sort the good out of the bad which has been our advantage when we’ve been choosing our garments for our products.

We want to have satisfied customers and therefore we focus on the things we’ve chosen to focus on. Thanks to the different companies that we Co-operate with, we always have the access to the freshest garments and latest designs.

Feedback is important.

If you have any questions, feedback, what so ever, click the button below to contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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